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Health Literacy for Schools: Healthy eating

Resources, games and videos for introducing health literacy to children and young people

Introduction to Healthy Eating


Fruit Smoothie

Credit: Food A Fact of Life

Turkey burgers

Credit: Food a Fact of Life


Credit: Food A Fact of Life


Interactive Game

Health and Growth Game

Learn how the human body needs to stay healthy in order to grow properly with this fun, interactive game for kids. Use water, food, exercise and rest to provide a human with what they need to for proper health and growth. Ben needs a good balance of these things if he is to grow into a strong, healthy adult. Without water he will get dehydrated, without food he will get hungry and weak, without rest he will get tired and without exercise he will get lazy. Do what you can to make sure Ben lives a healthy life with this fun human body health and growth activity for kids.

Credit: Science Kids


Smash Your Food - App

What better way to engage your kids than by appealing to their most basic instinct to smash something? This app encourages children to read the nutrition labels of foodstuffs and make informed decisions to eradicate the unhealthy items from their virtual diet by pulling the smash lever for an extremely satisfying and gooey conclusion.

Fooducate - App

This app was designed for a more advanced audience but many older (6+) children enjoy using it because of the QR code scanning technology. Put your child in charge on your next visit to the grocery store by having them scan the barcodes of labelled food items. The app delivers a truer accounting of the nutritional breakdown of the goods, including healthier alternative recommendations.