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Health Literacy for Schools: Keeping fit

Resources, games and videos for introducing health literacy to children and young people

10 Minute Shake Up

Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to bring you play-along games inspired by your favourite Disney and Pixar characters. These 10 minute bursts of fun will really get your kids moving and count towards the 60 active minutes they need every day!

Games include:

  • Elsa's Freeze Tag - without her gloves, Elsa's touch can freeze anything. Keep moving to avoid getting frozen!
  • Dory Ball - are you as forgetful as Dory? When you catch the ball, follow the instruction you see and keep going until you catch the ball again.
  • Go Go Disc Throw - Go Go hits her targets at super speed. Run around the course and throw your newspaper missiles from your launch pads.
  • Buzz's Space Run - can you run as fast as Buzz Lightyear? To infinity and beyond!

See the full list of games here.

Keeping Healthy Game

Heart Rate Exercises Game

Learn how to keep yourself healthy by discovering how different exercises such as walking and running can affect your heart rate. Ruby's heart rate will change as you make her sleep, sit, walk & run, watch how her body reacts to the different activities. See how her beats per minute change as she does different activities and heart rate exercises. Learn about your circulatory system, how your heart works as it pumps blood around your body, why blood goes to your lungs to pick up oxygen and what important roles your arteries and veins have in the process.

Credit: Science Kids

Exercise videos for Children

Credit: Joe Wicks; Andrew Sealy, British Heart Foundation, Lisa Young

Dance Radio

School Radio provides three co-ordinated series that provide dance resources for KS1 and KS2 PE Lessons. The series develop from simple movements based on everyday experiences through to creating their own dances. It gets the children moving, as well as letting them be creative.

There are also other series which look at combining music, dance and drama to explore a specific historical period or Computing curriculum.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize website has lots of short videos around the subjects of exercise, dance, balance and co-ordination for classes of all ages. 

Learn dances from all over the world or watch videos on exercising and growing.


The videos also feature a Classroom Ideas section which explains how teachers can use these videos in the classroom and any extra activities the children could try themselves.

Social Distancing Ideas for Sports

What about ideas for PE Lessons which encourage social distancing? Here are a few suggestions from PE Resources Bank.

  • Foot Golf / Frisbee Golf / Tennis Golf set up a course with an end target and ensure students start on different 'holes' to avoid queing
  • X-Country / running drills 
  • Static and dynamic drills for football, hockey and lacrosse - passing, movement patterns, shooting practice
  • Non contact relays - replace the baton or high five with a non contact signal
  • Creative dance
  • Striking and fielding games - cricket, rounders, softball
  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness Circuits 

You can see more resources available from Youth Sport Trust and Chance to Shine