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Health Literacy for Schools: Wellbeing

Resources, games and videos for introducing health literacy to children and young people

Mindful Colouring

Positive thinking

5 Minute Mindful Activities

5 Minute Mindful Activities 

  • Mindful Breathing - follow a guided meditation to focus on your breathing
  • Pinwheel Breathing - make a pinwheel move by breathing slowly on it
  • Belly Buddies - lie on your back and put a light object on your stomach and watch it move up and down as you breathe
  • Shark Fin - move your hand down your face whilst saying 'shush'
  • Breathing Colours - visualise a relaxing colour
  • Breathing Hands - trace round your hand with your other fingers whilst breathing
  • Back to Back Breathing - working in pairs, breathe deeply and notice your partners breathing rhythm
  • Body Scan - lie on the floor and do a visual body scan to see how each part of your body feels
  • Mindful Eats - bring your attention to what you're eating and how it feels
  • Mindful Steps - walk around and notice how each aspect feels to your body
  • Mindful Sounds - listen and concentrate on sounds
  • Spidey Senses - use your superpower senses to notice everything going on around you.

For a full list and many more activities visit Teach Starter for their blog on Mindful Activities for the Classroom.

Credit: Action for happiness